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5th-Apr-2010 07:48 pm - Almost here...
H.I.M. concert tomorrow. Am I pumped? HELL YES! Now, I just have to get this pesky AT 391 exam out of the way in the morning, attend a few classes, then... Finnish bliss!
1st-Apr-2010 11:10 pm - Family.
Since when was a sporting event (and getting wasted during it) more important than spending quality time with family members you hardly ever see? I'm giving up my day to spend Easter with the family, though I have productive things I *need* to be doing (studying for an exam in Contemporary Art, getting some projects and other minor homework done). I don't see why people can't forgo ONE sporting event, even if it's a "big game," to spend time with family. Thanks for making me feel like a douche for actually caring about seeing everyone. Not. I honestly think some people in this family still have a lot of growing up to do. If they'd rather spend their time at a bar watching the game with their friends, by all means, don't bother even coming to the family dinner for an hour. It's not like you come that often anyway, or that we get together that often, or talk on the phone, or that you are unable to send a five-word message on a social networking site. That's okay. I'll play nice for now, I promise. At least I can feel the gratification of knowing that I GIVE A HOOT.

And I'm done.

Is ranting all I ever do on here? I swear, I reserve all my ranting for LJ. Poor LJ. You did nothing to incur my wrath, ha ha.

On a happy note... H.I.M. in five days! <3 <3 <3
23rd-Mar-2010 10:35 pm - Rebirth.
shinee angel
"Everyone is born. That's how you get here, and it's also something that you have to keep on repeating over and over again to keep your life vital — to be like a phoenix, to make new, or renew, your life existence." - Kiki Smith
Lee Jun Ki
If the interior discussion in your head were indexed by category, what would the five most recurring subjects be?

1.) The Paranormal
2.) All Things Japanese
3.) I Can't Afford That, But I Really Want It!
4.) What are the Cats Doing Now?
5.) Shiny Things Which Spark My Atten... Ooh, Look, Something Shiny!
12th-Mar-2010 06:42 pm - Writer's Block: Legend has it ...
Kazuo Kiriyama
Do you have a favorite paranormal story and/or urban legend? When did you first hear it? What's the story behind the story?

I don't necessarily have a favourite. (I'm a paranormal investigator, so, naturally, I know too many!) However, the first one I really became acquainted with is the legend of el chupacabra. I saw that shit on Unsolved Mysteries as a kid and was scarred for life. Seriously.

I guess I can give a list of places with reported paranormal activity that I would like to visit:

Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA
Chillingham Castle in England
The Queen Mary in California
Poveglia Island in Italy
Findlay Cemetery/Ada Woods (Ada Witch legend)in Ada, MI
San Chez Bistro in Grand Rapids, MI
Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Australia
Joelma Building in San Paolo, Brazil
Pretty much anywhere in Romania =)
Aokigahara in Japan
Edinburgh Castle in Scotland
Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco Bay
Athens Lunatic Asylum in Athens, OH
Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, KY
The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO
Pennhurst State School and Hospital in PA
Numerous locations in Allegan, MI
The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia
The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA
Rose Hall, Jamaica
Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY
Saint Augustine Lighthouse in St. Augustine, FL
Glamis Castle in Scotland

And, just to kill time, here is a list of some of the haunted places I've been:

Town of Winchcombe in the English Cotswolds
Warwick Castle in England
The Tower of London in England
Hell's Bridge in Algoma Township, MI
Mackinac Island, MI
Cannonsburg Cemetery in Cannonsburg Township, MI
Antique shop in Sparta, MI
Whitefish Point Lighthouse, MI
Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI (My college! We're pretty famous for having a haunted campus.)
Grandville Cemetery in Grandville, MI

I'm interested in knowing the haunted places you have been/want to go to. Tell me some stories!
10th-Mar-2010 01:49 pm - Heartkiller.
Rain Heaven Sent
I'm a little impatient for the H.I.M. concert, but I know I must have patience. It's just too exciting! I'm sure it will be a great show. I'm just glad that a band I actually like is coming to Grand Rapids. It seems like forever since that has happened.

My spring break seems relatively boring in comparison to those of some of my friends. I always wondered how some people can afford to travel abroad so often. To me, it seems like it would take so much money. I would have to save up for a long time just to take one short trip even within the state. I'm a little bit baffled. I guess the recession hasn't impacted everyone so heavily. *shrugs* It would be cool to someday be able to go to the places I'd like to see (Finland, Japan, South Korea, Scotland, etc.). A girl can dream, right?

For some reason, my computer has been extra stubborn lately. Bah.

Taking Simba and Honeybear to the vet in about an hour. I helped my grandfather take his cat, Patches, yesterday. The vet said to not expect Patches to live more than a year due to kidney troubles. He's still rather vigorous, but his health will steadily decline. It's an old-age thing, and the same thing happened to his sister, Misty. I love Patches and don't want him to die, but I also don't want him to suffer when things start to get back. That's what happened with Misty, and I want to spare Patches as much as I can. All the other cats seem to be pretty healthy. Simba and Bear are getting their regular injections. Simba is almost 16, and he's still such a lively thing, ha ha. He and Luka had a fight in the bathtub this morning. My cats are always fighting about stupid things in stupid places. XD
5th-Mar-2010 02:27 pm - YESSSS!
shinee angel
H.I.M. in concert April 6th. Already purchased tickets. I am excited beyond words. Eight years... I've waited eight years for them to come to this blasted city. I haven't been to a concert since Diru in 2007.

Going on a H.I.M.-listening binge. Will (mentally) be back on April 7th. =)
19th-Feb-2010 05:17 pm - This kind of irks me.
shinee angel
People who seek glory in every aspect of life as a way to make people praise them. Their need to belong to something that will socially enhance them. It really revolts me. I prefer the route of quiet, personal glorification. I don't need to prove myself to anyone except for myself, and even then, there are no tremendous repercussions should I fall a bit short. I leave room for improvement. It's best to not take any sort of rejection to heart. I know my skills and deficits. Also, I can show you better than I can tell you. I don't want to prove myself through prestigious clubs, competitions, and publications. If I should get recognized, I don't need that recognition to feed my self-esteem.

The reason I write this is that college tends to put an unnecessary amount of focus on social advancement. Shape up or ship out. I'm not shipping out, but do I need to conform to their standards in order to be successful? Rhetorical question. It is both disheartening and a bit frustrating to have to deal with such obnoxious social pressures on a daily basis. I push myself to succeed on MY terms. I am not going to be perfect. I don't want to be perfect, especially if it is to satisfy someone else.

If they value creative ingenuity as they claim, why are there underlying social structures that demand conformation? Why do those who select the "nonconformist" option get called out for hypocrisy by the hypocrites before being completely ostracized? It is absolutely nonsensical.

Having a "diversity initiative" should go beyond physical and mental aesthetics and capabilities. There is a greater divide than something more physiological/psychological. Every person has the right to maintain individuality without feeling slighted or less-privileged because of simply who they are. I create what I create. I think as I think and feel as I feel. That makes me no lesser being. Do not treat me as such. Do not condescend; their is nothing to condescend to. We are equally individualistic. We should not have to step over one another in competition for titles that hold no real worth, save to aid us in self-satisfaction and, dare I say it, abet our inherent narcissistic tendencies.

Don't ask what this random schpiel was fueled by. I could not explain it if asked.
18th-Feb-2010 10:40 am - Uhmmm.
Rain Heaven Sent
Wow, I'm actually posting something! This must be a sure sign of the apocalypse. I'm getting so lazy with posting stuff on here. It's quite ridiculous.

I have been moderately busy, though, so it's not like I have no excuse at all. I'm trying to get my shit together for graduation next December. It feels like it is coming up so quickly.

Two of my friends got turned down for the Ireland Study Abroad program yesterday. They both really wanted to go. I have a feeling that AQ only picks "the best of the best" to fill their 22 student spots on that one. I felt bad for them. I've never been able to even sign up to go simply because I'd have no money to pay for it. I feel like I get rejected all the time just based on my finances. One of my friends wouldn't have had to pay for it since her mother works for the school. Free tuition, OMG... I can't even imagine. Ireland would be fun, but I don't think I could seriously get myself to study overseas. I'd be bouncing all over the place with my camera(s) at the ready, ha ha. Still, coming that close and getting rejected has to suck. It would be a real downer. I'm doing everything I can to make my friends feel better, but I know it's pretty upsetting. They've both traveled outside of the U.S., and one has lived in a foreign country, so I know they would be able to adapt and appreciate being in a place like Ireland.

In other news, I don't like it when people make promises they can't keep. Weigh it all out before you make that promise. It's the mature thing to do. It spares the disappointment of things falling through. I can't believe some people make it into their later life without being able to figure this out. I had this down when I was a kid.

Also, AQ needs to stop letting in horrid freshmen. There are some freshman that are pretty cool, concerned for their studies, and don't just piss around. However, I think we're seeing an influx of morons. This is bad. This makes me grateful I don't have to live on-campus. It's just silly. Aquinas has become a latrine for ignorance. I don't want to be so cynical, but... it's true! I used to love Aquinas, even in spite of the elevated cost of going there. Now, there are so few positive things about that place, and I know I'm not the only one with complaints. I will miss some people (and, of course, the ghosts) when I graduate, but I'll be happy to peace out of that place when the time comes.

On a more positive note, watching Luka try to kill a fly (and, in turn, knock over things in my room) is the most entertaining thing. He stunned the fly, then it flew around like mad for a bit before finally giving up and surrendering to death by cat.
9th-Feb-2010 02:04 pm - Actually posting something...
Waiting between classes sucks. I have a long break on Tuesdays. I would be doing homework (i.e., reading the ever-entertaining Pamela; Or, Virtue Rewarded), but, let's face it... The Internet is way more interesting. Plus Matt is here to distract me from reading. I'd like to just skip my final class, especially since the snow is piling up outside, but, alas, I don't think it is a good idea. I'm already here, and class most likely won't be canceled. I guess I shall have to endure it.

I suppose there are other things I could be doing right now, too. I could be working on QATD. I *have* started writing on it again, and I'm trying to build up a few different characters. I'm definitely focused on the twins in my story, Marcell and Garcon. Their relationship is extremely intense, and I'm working on some flashbacks from their past together.

I'm sitting next to a long row of large, open windows, and they are letting in the worst draft imaginable. I normally don't get that bothered by the cold, but ughhhh... This is bad. My school needs to get some tapestries up in here or something, ha ha. I would wholeheartedly approve.
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